Morning, Noon & Night, The Bold Hotel… Lord Street.

Here are some fantasic before, in progress and after shots of our latest Completed Project “The Bold Hotel“. Replacing block paving and flags for Dark Blue Vitried Paving with an Eclipse white granite plank border. Also we are going to be recreating the front steps at the entrance and running a key kerb outer border to finish things off.

heres the first before shot… (flags are up and the block pavings next).


Starting to the left of the main doorway at an angle to the road behind us.


Knowing theres going to be some “traffic” on this patio we’ve layed the paving on a Full 40-50mm concrete base…


Some great detail shots of the White Granite borders, and also the key kerbs.


As you probably know the opening was on Saturday 5th March, the new owners had given us a ‘all hands to the pump’ frame of mind.


Told the team we’re having tea at the Bold tonight, it was past 12 when got home that night!.


but i think you will agree it was worth it….



the steel railings create a walkthrough to the main doors, leaving plenty of room for the seating areas to the sides.



An Aco Brickslot, drainage system has been fitted underneath the edge of the patio so any rain fall runs away..



Ok so we are just about finished when when the hotels new owners decide to make an addition of their own.


The Vitrified Paving looks great, and the horse is attracting some attention…


Vitrified paving is extremely hard wearing and also slip resistant, so ideal for any weather situation.


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