Fairstone driveway setts silver birch

Fairstone driveway setts – laid on a full mortar bed on top of a crusher run base, we have just finished an amazing driveway in silver birch.

There is some really nice detail around the walls to each side of the driveway.

Some really nice cuts into the corners leading up to some steps.

we had a few rainy days while we were installing this driveway but its already starting to look good.

Linging up to the key curbs around the outside we are ready to start grouting.

we are using a special type of grout that’s specifically made to be applied in this way.


This is the point where we add a new member of our team to the job – an electric sponge.



This cleans away the excess grout leaving an even finish.


looks great around the drain access.


Now onto some finished shots…

Our cuts into the corners worked out pretty well.

Let us know what you think….

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